Best Free Graphic Design Apps -Yeah, I Said Free!

By | June 14, 2021

Free Graphic Design Apps

There are many types of graphic design apps out there on the web. Some charge you or have a free plan with limited features. But, there are some great free graphic design apps out there that I sometimes find hard to believe are really free. Here, I am going to point out a few of my favorites.

CoolText Graphics App

The first of my favorites is a website called This is a completely free text graphics design application that allows you to pick a text design and then enter the text you want to be created with that style and the site automatically generates the graphic and makes it available for you to download. Some styles are static, but a few are animated. Styles include stone, flame, neon, wood, and many more.

Simply click on the style you want to use and you will be taken to a page that shows you how all the characters in the font look as well as an input box that allows you to type the text you want. The image is automatically updated so that you get to see exactly what the graphic will look like. Click the “Create Button” link and your text graphic will be created and ready to download or share.

There are many other options that are available for creating buttons with roll-over and the ability to add logos. You can spend hours just playing around with this awesome FREE tool.

free graphics design app


Google Draw Graphics App

The next free graphic design app on the internet is Google Draw.  Google Draw is part of the Google Docs suite of software. This is a basic drawing application that has some great features. The tools allow you to create text effects, upload images and make edits to them, easily create line art with many shape tools and a freehand pen, and create many types of tables, charts, and graphs.

Any graphic created can easily be integrated into a Google Doc or can be downloaded in PDF, jpg, png, and even svg (scalable vector graphic) format. This makes converting text to svg very quick and easy so that the file can be used on any cutting machine (Cricut, Silhouette, Brother, etc,). Png images can be generated with a transparent background, useful for many types of print graphics and web design.

Although Google Draw is a free online app, you are required to have a Google account. Google accounts are free and are extremely easy to set up. You can have several accounts for different situations and all are free.

free graphics design app


Method Draw

Favorite number 3 goes to Method Draw. This is an easy and simple vector graphic software app. As with any drawing app, there are the basic line, pen, and shape tools. I like the variety of shapes that are available. The image can easily be adjusted to the exact size you need. Colors and fills can be set and changed with the simple color tool on the tool bar. Completed graphics can be saved in svg and png formats.

Once again, the ability to quickly create a simple graphic design and then export it as an svg is very powerful. Svg files allow you to change the size of the image without affecting the quality of the image. Png images are high quality and can be created with a transparent background, making them perfect for print or web purposes. This app also creates html code for your design so that you can simply copy and past the code into your website html.

This tool opens immediately into an editor. No need to set up an account or click off a site page to enter into the editor. Just load the site and start creating. It really is that easy!

free graphics design app



My final favorite is a site called This is also a simple graphic draw app similar to all the other drawing apps. The interface is simple and does not take long to learn to maneuver around. An account is required, but there is no cost involved. Advertisements will appear along the side, but they are really not that distracting. You also have the ability to download the app to your computer and use the software offline. With the created account, designs made offline will automatically sync to the online account once an internet connection is established.

Every element added to the page is placed on a layer and you can move the layers up and down to obtain the desired result. This app also creates a unique link to your saved image so that you can link directly to the image instead of downloading and then uploading it to another site.

The shapes available in Vectr and not as extensive as those in Method Draw, but the ability to manipulate layers and add additional pages to a design makes this a powerful tool to keep in your toolbox.

free graphic design app


The old cliche that you get what you pay for does not apply here. These great tools are free, but pack a powerful punch for those needing to create some simple graphics. Account or no account, the fact that these jewels are free to use is amazing in and of itself. Give each of them a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed. If you know of any free graphic design apps I should include here and in my toolbox, leave a comment and share your ideas.

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