Canva – Is It The Best Graphic Design App?

By | September 22, 2021

I have been using Canva as one of my “go-to” graphic design applications.  The free version has enough features to keep any graphic designer satisfied.  I used the free version for a couple of years before subscribing to the Pro version.  My decision has not been regretted.  I have found it to be well worth what I have to pay each month, and I believe you will too.

There are templates for just about anything you can think of that you would need to create, from social media posts set to the correct size, to printable documents such as posters, flyers, business cards, and much more.  The templates are fully customizable so that you can easily change the images and the text to fit your needs.

The tools are incredible and very easy to use.  There are tons of image elements you can add, some free and some exclusively for pro subscribers.  If you can’t find a graphic element in their search, you just aren’t looking hard enough.  You have the ability to upload your own graphics and use them in your design.  One of the most awesome tools they have is the “remove background” tool.  This is the best background removal tool I have ever seen.  It does the best job of removing any background from the image you are using.  This is especially helpful when creating product graphics and ads.  Take a look at the following example:

Canva Background Removal Tool

You can add animated objects to your design or take static objects and impose some basic animations on them.  Once you have added these animations, you can then turn your design into a movie clip or animated gif.  This gives you an immense amount of flexibility.  I often create a design for social media posts as png files and then add some animation to the design to create a movie clip of the exact same content, only now I can use it later to post on social media sites that only take video.

The text capabilities in Canva are endless.  There are many pre-installed fonts to use, but I love the ability to take fonts I have on my computer and upload them to use in my designs.  Once you have placed your text, you can change colors, add shadows, or create many other text effects that add that extra special touch to your design.

Sometimes there is no template for a particular design I need to create.  All of the templates come with preset dimensions.  While you can go in and change them, there are times when you want to start with a blank page but need the design to be of specific dimensions.  Canva gives you the ability to create a design with dimensions you set at the beginning.  This is invaluable when the graphic you need to create has to fit certain prerequisite dimensions in length and width.  Canva makes it so easy.  Click one button, enter the desired dimensions in the measurement needed, and there it is…a blank page with the dimensions you need.

So, in conclusion…the question was, “Is Canva the Best Graphic Design App?”  Well, I will let you decide for yourself, but I think you can tell from the information above, I like it very much and find its value well worth the price.  Try it out for yourself!!

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